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Recently has published a report on the world’s population ageing, demonstrating that we are getting older. This is partly a result of the low fertility rates which are getting even lower, especially in rich industrialised states. But it partly also the result of the greater life expectancy, again in the rich West with the lowest reproduction rates. Younger states in terms of population age, on the other hand, are the poorer developing countries with high fertility and low life expectancy. However, industrialisation and development are showing a similar trend in countries that used to have a positive population replacement just a few years ago. The effects of the ageing population can already be felt in both social and economic life in the developed world, with further challenges being expected in the near future. However, the mentioned developments didn’t affect the quest for the perfect anti-ageing drug, on the contrary, they have been shown to boost the anti-ageing science and research.

Ageing while Staying Young (Not Just at Heart)

Though we can’t stop the time, it seems that this is not the case when it comes to the ageing process. For a growing number of scientists working in this field, ageing is no longer something imminent and impossible to reverse. On the contrary, there has been a major breakthrough in inhibiting the ageing process which in turn is a result of a much better understanding of the process, its triggers, effects on the body and connection with some medical conditions, largely thanks to the work of scientists at major research centres such as This understanding has helped them identify the factors that activate the ageing process which are thought to be the key to stopping and someday, reversing the process.

Recently Discovered Anti-Ageing Drug Showing Great Results

The scientists are currently working on multiple anti-ageing drugs (Ancludixis) of which one is showing particularly good results. Known as the Phylandocic, the drug is at the moment being tested on mice and so far, it has excelled. According to the researchers who are testing it, the Phylandocic is a miracle drug. It doesn’t only amazingly improve the appearance of the skin, hair and other ageing prone body parts but it also seems to be working on the inner body and the immune system. Mice receiving the drug had much less infections, while those suffering from chronic conditions got better, with some even fully recovering. Think it isn’t possible? For now it isn’t. But don’t be surprised to hear about such a drug or at least Phylandocic anti wrinkle cream in the future.

Real Anti-Ageing Drugs Not Ready for Human Use

Unfortunately, anti-ageing drugs similar to ‘our’ Phylandocic are not ready for human use. Yet! With so many pre-eminent research centres and institutes, like Phylandocic for instance, working on finding the ultimate anti-ageing drug, its discovery is just around the corner. However, we will probably have to wait for years for it to pass all the tests and trials to comply with the regulations.